This section contains information on ongoing projects.

Heavy Water Sleep

A text-based project based on a material used in a public installation created as part of Holocaust Menorial day in January 2010 (The Woods, Breathing). This new project uses a book (Pilgrims of the Wild by Grey Owl) to explore different readings of the book by different people in very different times; in this instance me and Adam Czerniakow, 'mayor' of the Warsaw Ghetto, who read the book in January 1940. Click to read more


This collection comprises work and research created as a result of my participation in the East Oxford Archaeology Project. I'm interested in how contemporary art practice can be combined with archaeological processes to enable a deeper engagement with our past. Can creative strategies (as well as finished works) augment knowledge derived from both historic sources and archaeology? Can archaeological processes - such as excavation, finds analysis, geophysics and surveying - become creative processes? Click to read more


An sound-based installation exploring a single shard of mediaeval pottery. Click to read more


A series of works using GPS data and stitching to articulate, amongst other things, the history of different landscapes. Click to read more

A Line Drawn in Water

Work being made in relation to work created during a residency at the Lock Up Cultural Centre in NSW, Australia. Click to read more

The Gentleman's Servant

An ongoing project, inspired by a enigmatic notice published in Jackson's Oxford Journal on February 9th 1771. Click to read more

Carbon Footprint

Marking the map on a piece of land and asking people to walk amongst it, one can begin to imagine what lay behind the lines. Again, I have to stress, no-one who wasn't there can possibly imagine what it was like and that is not the point of this or any other works I produce; rather it is to remind ourselves that what happened at camps such as Bełżec happened in what was then the present - not the past.

Without Memory, I Could Not Even Name Myself

An installation based on family photographs found in Auschwitz after liberation.


Video installation based on videos recorded during archaeological investigations at the site of the Belzec Death Camp, Poland in 1999.