This section comprises a miscellany of items, from Goethean observations and interviews, to sound recordings made either as part of a project, or taken from old recordings collected over the years. Research notes and other writing both contain work from over the last few years.

Goethean Observations

A collection of observations made using Goethe's method of looking, where the imagination, and what Goethe termed, 'new organs of perception,' play an important part in the study of objects, landscapes and buildings. Viewed in a more poetic light, but far from being merely flights of fancy, this method allows the observer to penetrate more deeply into that which they are studying, whether a glass jar on a shelf in a museum, or an old abandoned road.

Sound Archive

A collection of audio files ranging from sounds recorded as part of a project to old vinyl recordings and interviews.

Research Notes

A variety of texts written whilst researching a wide range of subjects, including Places such as Auschwitz-Birkenau, Bełżec, The Somme, Ypres and Highgate Cemetery.


Lists play an important part in my work and this section contains a wide variety of lists made over the last few years, from those written in preperation for a visit to Bełżec, Poland, to those written as part of a residency in Newcastle, NSW, Australia.

Radio Interviews

Interviews I've given regarding my work.

Other Writing

A range of texts written over the last few years.