Family History


Updates in my research will no longer be published via this blog but will be linked to below:

Henry Jones's Suicide
The Victorians (the Hedges family and the Noons in the 19th Century)
Emma Stevens (1835-1873)
The Marquis of Hastings
Convict Trail
Convict Trail III
Convict Trail II
Lead Walk - Photos
Lead Walk - Maps
Mapping the Voyage of the Marquis of Hastings
Prison Hulk - York
The Voyage of The Marquis of Hastings
The National Archives
The Road to New South Wales
Stephen Hedges

Old Blog Entries

A Brief Introduction
Rogers Conundrum
2nd Battalion Monmouthshire Regiment
Rogers Conundrum II
Henry Jones' First Wife
Real People
John Stevens (1837-1888)
A Suicide in Cefn-y-Crib
A Murder in Jericho
North Star Public House
Jonah Rogers (1893-1915)
Elijah Noon (1838-1885)
Amelia Hedges (nee Noon)
Stephen Hedges (1811-1885)
John Stevens (1811-1876)
Mr Stevens